It seems throughout my experiences as an artist, I have often been labeled as a “Jack of Many Trades.”  I look to art not through the limit of a highly skilled technical ability or one specific medium, but a process of using the objects of the found world for the creation of art – that is not to say that I am a Rauschenberg-esque artist, but I have a firm belief that artists should be able to create work based on any items available to them.  Further, understanding a variety of media only enhances ones capacity as an artist.

Why have these opinions of art been made you may ask?  Precisely because it is the drive of my artistic oeuvre.  Because I strive to learn new media for the purposes of multi-skilled art, I have a vast selection of works, many of which hold similar content in common.  Concepts of the human female body, visual culture, and geometrical forms seem to remain a constant throughout.

Also, repurpose the world!


EDUCATION - California State University Fresno, B.F.A. (Honors Program graduate) conferred December 2009 - Fresno City College, A.A. conferred December 2003. DSLR Photography class through Fresno Adult Education Program in 2013.

EXHIBITIONS - Madera County High School, Student Art Exhibit, June 1998 - Madera County Arts Council hosted exhibition at Circle Gallery Space II. - Fresno City Hall, 1999 High school student show with nomination by academic instructor.  Self portrait. - Madera High School, Advanced Student Art Show, May 2001 Collection of works from 1999-2001 exhibited. - California State University Fresno, Simultaneous Contrast, 12/11/08 to 1/22/09 Student exhibition.  Stop motion video Plastic shown in group work with video art students. - California State University Fresno, Studio Door, 5/2/09 to 5/15/09 Studio Arts Senior Exhibition.  Pieces of Life video art piece. - California State University Fresno, Vogue Studies, 9/4/09 to 9/30/09 Honors Art Program solo exhibition and symposium.  Dean’s Gallery.  Video and collage work. - California State University Fresno, 38th Annual Student Art Show, 12/3/09 to 12/9/09 Student exhibition.  Artist’s Ruins torso lifecasting and Skeleton Requesting Tea linoleum print.

HONORS AND AWARDS/GRANTS -  Bank of America Achievement Award in Art, 2001 -  Madera County Fair Paint and Drawing Exhibition, Bleeding Crimson Flower, 3rd place, 2001 -  Honors Arts and Humanities Program graduate with a B.F.A. from California State University Fresno, 2009 - International Fashion Doll Convention Competition Entry, Emerald City Underground, 2nd place, 2011

WORK EXPERIENCE - Art Educator, Madera Unified School District Club YES, 2011-2012. Author, Dolly Bureau book series, 2013 to present.