Beach Angel Momoko

Next up, a Momoko named Beach Angel.  She decided to hang out by the pool and model her great clothes. This Momoko definitely has some features that need to be highlighted.  First off, her white ruffled swimsuit has a great touch as it appears to actually be made out of swimsuit fabric like a spandex and nylon blend.  Also, those turquoise colored beads are a great touch for photoshoots near a blue-colored pool.

Her face make-up appears to be a bit different.  Her blush is nice and bright on her face and the crease for her eyelid is prominent, making the features of this Momoko more defined.  I didn't notice her shimmer eyeshadow up to the brow until I was in the sunlight.  It is quite lovely.  Her hair matches her eyes, giving her a sun-kissed look.  This lady is really a beauty.

While I might not be a fan of the yellow front-tie tank, it is totally redeemed by matching with the yellow bow on the clear flats.  That's right, clear flats!  The flats are made of a slightly different material compared to the typical Momoko flat.  They seem to be a bit more bendable, almost like a jelly shoe.  These shoes also make the doll totally worth having.

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