CCS 13SM Home Momoko, IRL

The CCS 13SM Home Momoko is out of the box and ready for some quick photos.  I opted for the "white" version of the doll because I just love Momoko flats.  I finally have a pair of yellow flat that I have been seeking for quite a while!  Her sister is the "gray" version and comes with black boots. This Momoko appears to have much more noticable opaque lip paint than in the stock photos.  Not that I'm complaining, I actually like it quite a bit more.  Her fingernails are a bright green.  I had her push her bangs out of the way to get a close up of her eyebrows and eyelashes.  She comes in a very over-sized shirt that reads, "DON'T COUNT YOUR DOLLS."  It's an appropriate recommendation at this point.

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Momoko CCS 13SM Home 1Momoko CCS 13SM Home 2Momoko CCS 13SM Home 3