Beautiful Lines Momoko

When this Momoko came out a while back, I was in love with the different collar choices.  I finally got around to purchasing her and taking some photographs.  Below are real-life photos of her.  There is still saran wrap on her body from the packaging since I didn't want to remove it. An interesting note about this particular Momoko is that her collars are quite delicate.  I broke the white lace one within minutes of opening the box, but it was, fortunately, easy to repair.  Also, it appears the pale pink collar could be a tad larger since it doesn't seem to go all the way down to the collar seam of the dress.

What do you think?  Post about it on the Facebook page.  The outfit is sure a winner for me.

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Beautiful Lines MomokoBeautiful Lines Momoko pale pink collarBeautiful Lines Momoko white lace collar