In Real Life: Momoko ae "F.L.C. 2013"

The PetWORKs Momoko ae "F.L.C. (Four-leaf clover) 2013" arrived in the mail yesterday and I wanted to take the time to post some non-stock photos of her.  I know I often say a particular Momoko is really great and is at the top of my list of Momoko, but this one might be pretty close to first place. She has beautifully cut clothing; both hard with the leather jacket and boots, and soft with the little lacy dress.  The paint on her lips is thinly painted compared to most honey faced Momoko, but it works great.  I think the doll lip paint is actually more salmon-pink than the promo photos.  Her lighter colored hair is much more obvious in the back, since the darker rooted hair appears to follow the crown of her head.

I might be selling off a bit of my Momoko collection soon, but this one is a keeper!  F.L.C. always does beautiful work.  What do you think?  Post about it on the Facebook page.

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Momoko ae FLC 2013Momoko ae FLC 2013Momoko ae FLC 2013