Peak's Woods Made My Day: Gatsby Doll

A little while ago, Peak's Woods released that they would have a LE1 doll for the KBJD Show in Los Angeles (2014) that would be based on The Great Gatsby.  After seeing the FOC sized doll on their website, I was in love.  Her skin is tan and she has the new Peak's Woods Lolita body.  She is Yeru the Soul, the first sculpt I ever considered buying.  Perhaps it was all the lovely white or the Gatsby style, but that doll ended up on my grail list. I attended this convention and managed to get my grail doll.  She was the centerpiece doll for the Peak's Woods table during the opening dinner. She now sits on a very special shelf of dolls, all dressed in white.  She is my own little Daisy Buchanan.

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Peak's Woods Gatsby Doll 1 Peak's Woods Gatsby Doll 2