Repurposing, Blue Flowers and Ads

Ever feel like you are just throwing away tons of paper in the form of junk mail? Well, in the spirit of repurposing, I have taken those ads and old magazines and collaged them into this artwork with a silhouette of flowers over it. I picked up the frame at my local Dollar Tree to spice it up a bit. It's a great project that costs very little. I've also started making 100% recycled paper with a similar graphic on it as well.

Interested in this project? See an item list and instructions below.

You'll need: -Old ads/magazines -Old cardstock (as backing) -Decoupage -Frame

Cut out paper and arrange in a desired design on cardstock. It is easiest to do the silhouette last, just placing it over the other collage work. Adhere to cardstock with decoupage and put one final coat of decoupage on top. Let dry and frame.

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