Disney of the World, namely Japan

I've come to an interesting conclusion - Disney products of Japan tend to be way cooler than most offered in America, aside from awesome American products like the stuffed Pook-a-Looz. It is odd that the homeland of the Walt Disney empire doesn't market better products for its audience. Let's take a look at some Disney products of Japan that I discovered through a quick search today on the internet (descriptions below).

1. Pullip Byul Dumbo inspired doll. There are summer clothes under the Dumbo outfit and apparently pushing his tummy makes a sound. 2. Re-Ment miniature Cheshire Cat key chain. Re-ment makes tons of Disney related miniature 1:6 scale plastic food products as well. 3. Shellie May teddy bear. Shellie is a friend of Duffy, Mickey Mouse's teddy bear that was originally created for the market in Japan, having recently made it's way into select Disney amusement parks in the U.S. 4. Pullip Peter Pan doll. There is also a Tinker Bell and Captain Hook. 5. Tokyo Disneyland stickers in gear motif. The Disney parks in Tokyo also have pretty awesome unique Little Mermaid products.

Found some other awesome Disney products from Japan? Let me know and post about it.

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