Disney of the World, namely Japan (part 2)

Here is part 2 of the exploring Disney merchandise in Japan. I recently came across the Disney Dollcena dolls and, I have to admit, I bought a couple. Perhaps it is my personal taste, but it seems like Japanese Disney products tend to be more creative and seem less like mass produced box store merchandise where the same graphic is repeatedly slapped onto a t-shirt. The dolls are a collaboration between Tomy and Disney. Many more kinds of dolls are available than pictured. They seem to be about the size of a mini Pullip doll. I noticed the Dollcenas' eyes open and close.

Starting left to right and then clockwise: Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates Adventure), Alice of Alice in Wonderland (Milky Girl), Chip (Nuts Mania C), Christmas version of Jack Skellington (What Is Christmas?!), Mickey Mouse fan (I Love the Mouse), and Marie from Aristocats (Miu Miu Ribbon).

Some of the other dolls not pictured include Cinderella, Belle, Donald Duck, Chicken Little, Woody (from Toy Story), Winnie the Pooh, Stitch, and several more.

I personally hope to acquire Nuts Mania C. The characters Chip and Dale have a stronger hold on the Japanese market than they do in America, so there are always fun imports to discover.

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