Bachelorette Party Craftiness

In an effort to provide a bachelorette party that coordinated with the colors of a friend's wedding, I decided to make the invitations and make them look a little more classy. A fun piece of advice when making cards - sew ribbon or fabric onto the cardstock. It definitely stands out. Making invites versus store-bought ones can also be handy because you don't have to write the same information multiple times. Since I had some extra paper after making the invites, I also made a notebook titled, "Notes for the Bride," in which people at the party can write personal messages to the bride to be. At the bottom of each page in the book is a little saying such as, "Last fling before the ring," among other more witty quotes. Another tip - consider looking online for some free fonts to make your cards extra unique.

All the fabulous invites have already been sent out, but these are the remainders.

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