Fancy Watering Cans

On a typical day of creativity, I don't usually go for decorating watering cans, but these were a donation to a local art benefit that specifically wanted decorated watering cans. I tried to make them a little more unique than just painting flowers on them. Both projects are fairly cheap to do and I think they make a great artsy piece for your backyard. The gold watering can required fabric/puff paint and gold spray paint. The fabric paint (any color) was used to create an embossed pattern and when finished, I sprayed the gold spray paint over the entire can. The other can was decorated to look like a quilt. It required scrap fabric, acrylic paint, and decoupage. First, I cut out uniform sized squares of the fabric and glued them on the can (checker board style) with the decoupage. After they dried, I painted the remaining areas of the can with paint, let it dry, and put a final coat of decoupage over the entire surface. Voila! Fancy watering cans.

Noticed I haven't posted a whole lot of Momoko doll designs lately? I'm saving them up for debut at IFDC in Las Vegas in a couple weeks. Stay tuned for some great designs.

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