Momoko, 10th Anniversary Today!

Petworks has sent out some info today, noting today specifically is the 10-year anniversary. What things have gone on thus far? Well, a darling Adobe Flash clock that rotates through 1,440 pics for starters! It's too bad there isn't a widget that can be installed permanently on computers, but I'm happy to watch it through another browser window. Also, Namie Manabe released a message today in regards to the anniversary. The exciting news is the anniversary will last from now through July 2012. If you've been spending quite a bit on Momoko lately, save up so you have a chance to spend even more over the next year!

What did I do in celebration of the anniversary this week? To kick it off I bought a ton of Momoko stuff on eBay and am planning on organizing my doll room today to give my Momokos a proper and organized anniversary display. I've also started some new Alice in Wonderland inspired clothes for the White Queen and Queen of Hearts. They'll be popping up on my Etsy page soon.

Post some pics on my Flickr group to celebrate. I'll be adding new pics throughout the day. I'd LOVE to see your lovely Momoko as well. Show off some of your prized and best!

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