Fancier Doll Pictures

Add some extra fancies to your photos with some items you likely already have in your home. If you don't have some of the items below, these will cost you very little and are temporary items that won't permanently alter your dolls. First, go through your jewelry box and find items you think would suit your dolls, such as necklaces with small charms. You can put the necklace on your doll, like pictured below, but just get a paperclip, piece of tape, etc. to hold it in place.

Want earrings on your dolls, but don't want to commit to holes in their ears? Put some loose rhinestones to good use by temporarily adhering them to your doll's ears. I used poster putty to stick the rhinestones on since it is nice and temporary, not super adhesive, and lacks color to dye doll skin.

Those are a couple of quick tips add a little extra flair to your dolls pics. Happy picture-taking!

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