Stardoll Clothes/Accessories for Other Dolls

There was a great sale online a while back and I decided to pick up an accessory pack for Stardoll by Barbie to see if it would fit any other dolls. I really liked some of the clothing/accessories and felt like they were a little less Barbie uber pink and childish. To my surprise, Stardoll items fit a range of dolls, which I will cover some below. Want a few different options for those beloved Monster High (MH) dolls? Stardoll shoes fit Monster High dolls! Some of the shoes might cause the heels of the MH dolls to poke out just a bit, but nothing to fret about, really. Some of the accessories even fit MH dolls. I have listed some of these items in the pictures.






Some accessories even fit Momoko, J-doll, Pullip and a variety of other 1:6 scale dolls, but the kicker is that Stardoll clothing fits Momoko almost perfectly. See some of the pics below. If you want an affordable new outfit for your Momoko, consider Stardoll items.






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