Momoko, Safari of Dry Wind

Say hello to one of my new Momoko, Safari of Dry Wind. She comes with an uncommon shoe mold for Momoko and I simply love her straight blond hair. I'm also realizing I have a thing for blond dolls, may be because I'm blond too. There are a few shots of her below, with the jacket closed and open. If you are interested in buying one but wanted to see something else besides a stock photo, here you go. I noticed the fitted tube dress seems to want to slip off, so that is something to keep in mind if you want your doll's outfit to reach closer to perfection. The pics this time around seem fairly decent. The photography skills seem to be improving even though I haven't had too much time to learn more since it's convention season for me and I'm tied up with moving to a new home soon.

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Don’t worry. Doll Leaves Flora is still coming.