The Memories in Cork Boards

Cork boards made from old wine corks is not a new craft, but I found something quite noteworthy about them when I was constructing my own. After constructing the cork board using an old wood frame I picked up at a thrift store and corks I have saved throughout my experiences, I realized that my cork board was full of memories of events in my life. The day I graduated college, my first dinner at my new home, great dinners and recipes with people I love, the big summer party, and the list goes on. So, I am mentioning this craft idea to y'all not just because it is great decor to adorn the walls of your home, but also because it can provide you with lots of memories. It does not require more than a frame, cardboard, hot glue, and quite a lot of corks. I even used champagne corks. If you are interested in detailed instructions, let me know via email or the Facebook page.

Save those corks!

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