Custom Wig with Hair Style

Recently, I acquired an Asleep Eidolon Peppermint (16 cm doll), but I've been having a hard time finding a wig that's a good fit. What solution did I come up with? Use a mohair-like wig that's been collecting dust and turn it into a brand new wig with this great tutorial provided by a talented member of the online BJD Magazine.

I decided to take the tutorial one step further and give Peppermint a little more complex hairstyle. I didn't want something too simple. I decided to add a couple bows to the hair that would help pin it down. If you are interested in the pin idea, I'll give you a little tutorial.

First, get out some of those old sewing pins that have been bent by the sewing machine so they can be given a new use. Take a wire cutter and needle nose pliers (jewelry tools versions are very helpful), cut off the pin top and straighten out the pin a bit. Bend the pin in half to it can be inserted through the hair like a bobby pin. I attached some ribbon to the pins so little bows would be in the hair.

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