Two.S.Doll Vivi

Perhaps I went a little overboard in 2012 with the BJD purchases, but after a little browsing on Mint on Card, I couldn't pass this doll up.  She is an SD sized BJD named Vivi from Two.S.Doll.  Her stock pics have a face-up quite a bit different from the one I received, but she still aims to please with her loveliness.  It is my first very busty SD BJD, which is nice to get a better perspective on the range of doll sizes for all the SD clothes I make.  She is currently wearing a DollHeart dress that I think was originally meant for slimmer SD sized dolls.  The dress is too small at the bust and does not fasten. What do you think of Vivi?  Post it on the Facebook page.

She will have plenty of new wigs and whatnot soon.  Look out for her in the Etsy store modeling new clothes in the future.

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