British Boy Style Momoko

Today's new Momoko fresh out of the box is British Boy Style.  Let's take a closer look at her. Firstly, I noticed her dark colored socks, bow tie, beret, and shoes were packaged separately and not dressed on the body.  This, in my opinion, was a smart move on Sekiguchi's part since there have been issues with clothing dye staining dolls in the past.

Among all her cute clothing and accessories, my favorite certainly has to be the darling printed argyle sweater.  The argyle pattern is not woven into the fabric.  She has great slightly crimped red hair.  Her eyes are blue, which might be a bit hard to see in my pictures.  I did not remove the plastic wrapping on certain parts of her body, which you may see in the images as well.

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British Boy Style MomokoBritish Boy Style Momoko holding hat