Christmas for Honee-B

Who has an awesome mom? I do. I'm living proof that an Etsy favorites list pays off. Pictured is my Honee-B leaning against a box I helped my mom pick out for Christmas. Little did I know she was going to stuff that cute box with fun things like dolly clothes. My Honee-B is wearing two absolutely fabulous outfits by Crazy Handmade on Etsy. These outfits also fit dolls such as pukipuki. The detail is really amazing. I almost feel like giving up on making such tiny outfits when such talent is in the world. Support an artist! Visit my Etsy Shop. You can also follow my Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest pages. I'm planning on offering discount codes on the Facebook page from time to time!


Repurposing, X-mas Gifts

The post is a week or two late, but Merry X-mas to me! After my crusade to make works of art through repurposing, I have apparently been inspiring people to do some of their own work of this nature, including my mother. Using some old craft supplies she had on hand, she made this elaborate gift for me for X-mas. It is an awesome wall hanging done in latch hook, the design made to look similar to my website. My cat, Myrtle, also makes an appearance in the piece. I've hung it on the wall over my work desk.

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