Sewing with Paper

Lately, I've wanted to spice up my business cards. I've been using my sewing machine for my cards for quite some time, but I figured I'd try apply similar methods to my business cards. Below are some new business cards along with some greeting cards I've made lately, accenting them with a bit of sewing. Of course, I love to repurpose and recycle items, so the cards below use old art magazine clippings and/or scrap fabric to create a new lovely piece of art. Try it out, but I'd recommend sticking to cardstock. Sewing machines seem to get along with cardstock a little more than some other paper products.

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Upcycling/Repurposing Projects!

In between making doll clothes, I've been making paper products or doing other small sewing projects. All items typically involve some form of repurposing or upcycling. Below are some paper products and/or items for the home that came out of my creative endeavors. I've mentioned repurposing paper products for cards before and below are some cards made from an old 365 day calendar on pin-up women. Next, I made a sleeve for memo books out of scrap fabric and old embroidery thread. I thought it would spice up that boring book for notes I carry around in my purse.

The frames with "Love" or "Megann" in them are small frames (often picked up at a second-hand store) with a piece of scrap fabric and your choice of cross stitch word using embroidery thread. It makes a darling little accent on a countertop or shelf.

Lastly, the rose paintings. Made of 100% recycled paper, these little artworks are painted silhouettes of flowers that can be easily framed in a set. If you are interested in making paper, send me an email and I'll let you know the details.

Happy creating!

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Discarded Books into Cards

After wandering through some second-hand stores lately, I've noticed there are a lot of discarded books in pretty poor condition and I wanted to give them a new life. My new repurposing project was to turn some of the illustrations in these books into new blank greeting cards. With the help of some other repurposed items, like fancy paper from other used greeting cards and envelopes, I took the old illustrations and added a little of my own flare to each card. I personally love the look of old meets new in these cards. This project is great for scrapbookers and a very affordable project for anyone. I recommend picking up some cheap young adult books at your local second-hand store for the illustrations. You might also start looking at paper you would normally just throw away in a whole new way. Ask yourself, can I use the paper in this [insert item here] for a greeting card?

It's cheaper than Hallmark and eco-friendly!

Some of the illustrations in the pictures above are from vintage books such as, "On Your Toes, Susie!" and "Shadow of a Bull."

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