Hanging Out with Tonner Cami Basic

The new Cami Basic from Tonner has arrived. She is deboxed and posing for pics, happy as can be. She is a lovely Tonner doll, probably my fav to date (that I own). She comes with the Antoinette body, which I think is more natural and can personally appreciate. She has a detachable wig and can have many persona. The inset blue eyes are also what drew me to this doll and really make her fabulous. My Cami, however, has eyes that are slightly misaligned, but hopefully I'll try to fix that at some point in the future. Now, she needs some fancy MegannArt clothes! Support an artist! Visit my Etsy Shop. You can also follow my Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest pages. I'm planning on offering discount codes on the Facebook page from time to time!