Cloth Napkins: Two Layers of Fabric

cloth napkin 1 I work with a lot of fabric and have a very large inventory of textiles.  In that big stash, there are quite a few fabrics that I won't use for most of my regular projects.  I found a solution for all those fabrics -- make them into cloth napkins.

cloth napkin 2

However, some of the fabrics are printed/screened, so the back of the napkin would not look quite as nice.  I decided to do two layers of fabric to hide the wrong side of the fabric.  See my basid tutorial below.

cloth napkin 3

Cut out two pieces of fabric to desired size of cloth napkin.  With right sides together, sew a seam around edges of napkin, but leave a small opening to turn inside out.  Clip corners.

cloth napkin 4

After the napkin is turned inside out, press seams.  Top stitch around the entire napkin.  Top stitching an additional line or two through the middle of the napkin is recommended since it will make the napkin sturdy and the fabric will be less likely to shift around with use.

cloth napkin 5

Give napkins another press, if you feel like they need it.  Voila!  A set of cloth napkins ready for a dinner party or everyday use.