Looking for Momoko in Stores

I'm on a mission -- to find those darling little Momoko in actual stores in North America (not online). There is something gratifying about seeing a Momoko in person before purchasing it. As with many collectable dolls, there is a possibility of variation in the actual doll versus the stock photos, making it an even better reason to see those little beauties in person. I've encountered some stores over the past year and I want to share them with you, in case you are in the neck-of-the-woods of one of these great little shops. First up, The Swell Shop in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. After walking into this store, I was greeted by Bradley Justice, a very friendly and wonderful shop owner. We had a nice chat about Momoko and I learned he writes articles for Doll News, the current issue of which has a Momoko pattern in it. The dress pattern was displayed on a Momoko doll in his shop (see photo). Talk about darling. This fabulous store also offers a variety of other doll collectables for nearly any dolly fan. I bought a couple items, one made by DollHeart and the other a Jenny accessory pack. The other photo provided in this blog post is also from The Swell Shop.

Next, Fabric Friends and Dolls in Laytonsville, Maryland. This awesome little shop is tucked away in a small town, but it offers a large variety of dolly fun that can even be purchased online. If you are an Integrity, Tonner, BJD, or Momoko fan, this place is a must. The owner tries to carry the latest Seki Momoko, but will be trying to carry Petworks soon. While in this shop, I bought a Randall Craig accessory pack (because I just love glasses), YoSD wig for my new boy, Ruby Red Galleria Honee-B shoes, and an Obitsu 11 body. I was very tempted to buy a Tonner Cami wig.

Lastly, a shop I visit often, is Japantown Collectables in San Francisco, California. It is located on the first floor of the Kinokuniya Building and it usually has a Momoko or two in stock. Along with Momoko, this little shop carries other dolls, such as Jenny and J-doll. I believe I've even seen Pullip dolls there too. If you want to branch out a bit, they even carry a large variety of model kits and action figures. Of note, at the Kinokuniya Bookstore you can sometimes pick up a dolly pattern book from Japan with Momoko patterns in it (along the stairwell inside the store).

I've tried Little Tokyo in Los Angeles a couple of times and have yet to find a Momoko there.

Know of a store in North America that carries Momoko? Let me know about it via the Facebook page or shoot me an email.

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Branching Out to Different Dolls

For a while now I've been collecting other popular dolls so I would have models for other clothing fashions. Below are some clothing designs I've recently produced for large BJDs (58 cm) and smaller ones (Tiny Betsy McCall sized). I'm really enjoying making different sized outfits.      


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