Wake Up Call for Wake Up Dolls

We all have our own ways of collecting. My personal Momoko doll collection seems to come from good deals and discounts and a little less from those more expensive very limited must-haves. While I drool over those higher-priced coveted dolls, I'm also very content with my larger supply of dolls because I feel less guilty to cut their hair, change their make-up and so forth. Wake Up Momoko tend to be the cheapest, obviously because they come with much less and, often, quite a few are made. I realized the other day that I had almost all the Wake Up dolls to date and what better way to say I'm completing a collection than by collecting all the Wake Up dolls since I already have most? I just got the last two in the mail recently and below are some pics of all the Wake Up Momoko available to date. They are in order from left to right, WUD001 to WUD010.

I'm looking forward to the new releases.

Who is your favorite?

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