Some Petworks Momoko Dolls

My collection of Momoko is primarily Sekiguchi dolls, but I've recently acquired a few more Petworks dolls and wanted to give them a little fashion shoot. First up is MoMorning Frost, Lemon Sorbet, and Mint Jelly Momokorning Frost. Made in 2012, she has short blond hair and is decked out in her original outfit and boots. The darling part is her subtle freckles.  Something tells me she is going to look great in new outfits.

Next are two Momoko from the 2010 Alice's Sweets collection -- Mint Jelly and Lemon Sorbet. Lemon Sorbet has yellow hair and is in her original outfit.  She came with a darling little stuffed bunny.  Mint Jelly is probably one of my favorites. While I used to be more of a fan of natural looking dolls with normal hair colors and sweet faces, Mint Jelly won my heart with that great hair color. Perhaps it is also because her hair is very opaque, reminding me more of a true pastel color. She is not dressed in her original outfit, but sports a variety of Petworks/Seki apparel and accessories.

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Morning Frost

Lemon Sorbet Momoko

Mint Jelly