Honee-B & Puki Puki Comparison

There is a new BJD in the house -- Puki Puki Sugar. I have to say, Fairlyland puts out some high-quality, lovely dolls. Since I've mostly owned Ruby Red Galleria's Honee-B and used her to size clothes, I figured I'd offer a size comparison of the dolls today. Both are pretty darn close in nearly all of their measurements. Both dolls are wearing my designs and I'll be adding shoes to outfits for sale in the near future! Sugar is so sweet, I decided to get a Puki Puki Cupid brother. I've been eying him for a while and it is time to take the plunge. I may have mentioned it before, but be on the look out for male doll clothing in the Etsy shop in the future. I'll be offering a variety of sizes.

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Puki Sugar and Honee-B Comparison

Puki Sugar and Honee-B