Rosette Violet

There is a new lady in the house and she came from Soom.  She's a Rosette Violet and simply fabulous!  She arrived today ready to be strung and I simply couldn't wait to do it.  I think she might be one of my new favorite BJDs.  The sculpting is very well done and she articulates/poses beautifully.  Also, she came with caps to put over her knees when her legs are folded.  Soom really did a great job with this lovely lady. Another reason I decided to purchase a Rosette is because of their unusual size.  She is 47.5 cm in height, reaching almost as tall as an SD BJD, but she is so lanky that she is more likely to fit larger YoSD and smaller MSD clothing (in the torso).  This doll definitely needs some fun clothes hot off the sewing machine.  Perhaps some will make their way to the shop.

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Soom Rosette Violet 1 Soom Rosette Violet 2 Soom Rosette Violet 3