Breath of Spring CCS Momoko

The two 13SP "Breath of Spring" Momoko arrived today and I was simply thrilled.  I haven't had a chance to get a CCS Momoko lately, but I was pleasantly surprised by the new box style, which seems more eco-friendly.  Check out the photos below for real-life pics of the dolls. First up is Cranberry Tea.  Naturally, she has the cranberry colored knit one-piece dress and darker hair.  Her two-tone hair is very subtle.  She is very sweet.

Next up is Hazelnut Latte.  I was on the fence about his lady at first, but I'm glad I decided to order both because she is certainly one of my fav Momoko yet.  The higher contrast two-tone hair is great, especially with the matching eyebrows and pale pink lips.  I noticed Latte's boots are a little more pliable, which I haven't seen in these STOC boots before.  If anything, I prefer this style because they are easier to get on and off the doll.

The temperature dropped in my area today, making me want some tea or coffee all the more.

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Breath of Spring Momoko 2Breath of Spring Momoko 3Breath of Spring Momoko 4