Boater Ensemble Silkstone Barbie

One of the recent Barbie Fan Club exclusive Silkstone dolls is Boater Ensemble.  I saw the pictures on the Barbie Collector website and really felt I needed to have this doll.  Well, she came in the mail a few days ago and, I have to say, I was not as impressed with the in-real-life doll versus the promo photos.  I decided to sit on it for few days before I made up my mind about this little lady. Boater Ensemble, I feel, is like many dolls where the promo photos do not necessarily coincide with the final product.  Boater’s face paint is a little different, especially the lip color.  See below for photos of the Silkstone Barbie, still in the box with netting around her head.

Do not get wrong, she is still a beautiful doll with darling clothes.  That straw hat with tulle is fantastic!

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Boater Ensemble Barbie Silkstone FaceBoater Ensemble Silkstone Barbie NRFB