Books on Sale

For a little while, Dolly Bureau 1 & 2 will be on sale in the Etsy shop. Get ready for the release of Dolly Bureau volume 3 this summer.  This year the book will still have some patterns, but it will also have many other features that focus on tiny dolls.  It will include highlighting different kinds of tiny dolls, pattern drafting, craft tutorials, and other fabulous handmade works by dolly enthusiasts.

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Site for Doll Sales: Mister Dollface

mister dollfaceWith the Doll Page Show and Sell gone, where do we go to sell our dolly things?  Well, it's Mister Dollface.  Just like the Doll Page, this website is free to sell your items.  It certainly beats all the fees associated with selling on eBay.  Browse the great items available on Mister Dollface and help it grow!  It seems to gain more and more users everyday, but your support would be great. I have some of my own items on the page (found here) and will probably add quite a bit more in the coming weeks as I thin out my collection.  I've seen sellers posting all kinds of great things, including one of my grail dolls, the Queen V Veronique Integrity doll (Dolly Bird anniversary exclusive).