Azone 1:12 Scale Dolls

Picco neemo lil fairy comparison 3Some of my absolute favorite tiny dolls are Picco Neemo, many of which can be found in Dolly Bureau volume 3 (All About Tiny Dolls).  The Lil' Fairy Lipu, pictured above, was not included in the book, but definitely deserves an honorable mention.  The Lil' Fairy stands at 14cm, just a little over the maximum height requirement for Dolly Bureau volume 3.  She has some of the same body parts as the standard Picco Neemo, but her limbs and head are larger.  See below for a comparison. Picco lil fairy comparisonsSome of the same clothes will fit between the two body styles.  They both are very darling and popular.  Below is a photo of the doll in a pattern you can try in Dolly Bureau volume 3.  I know it's not the most flattering dress, but there is a tip in the book on how to show off the curves of a doll in this dress.

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