Pattern in Dolly Bureau Vol 3 for PukiPuki

In Dolly Bureau (vol 3), I made a few patterns for tiny dolls, one of which is a design for PukiPuki.  Pictured below is the final result of the pattern, which has easy-to-follow written and illustrated instructions in the book.  Best of all, the clothing should fit other dolls like Mattel Kelly and Ruby Red Galleria's Honee-B.


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Dolly Bureau Volume 3 Preview

puki lace dress 1puki lace dress 3  







Dolly Bureau volume 3 is in the works and this year it's all about tiny dolls.  Unlike previous volumes, this book will also feature more crafting for dolls and very basic pattern drafting.  The dress pictured in this post is a little preview of a pattern that will be available in the book.

For a limited time, you can buy the little dress in the Etsy shop!