Pattern in Dolly Bureau Vol 3 for PukiPuki

In Dolly Bureau (vol 3), I made a few patterns for tiny dolls, one of which is a design for PukiPuki.  Pictured below is the final result of the pattern, which has easy-to-follow written and illustrated instructions in the book.  Best of all, the clothing should fit other dolls like Mattel Kelly and Ruby Red Galleria's Honee-B.


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Dolly Bureau Volume 3 Preview

puki lace dress 1puki lace dress 3  







Dolly Bureau volume 3 is in the works and this year it's all about tiny dolls.  Unlike previous volumes, this book will also feature more crafting for dolls and very basic pattern drafting.  The dress pictured in this post is a little preview of a pattern that will be available in the book.

For a limited time, you can buy the little dress in the Etsy shop!

Casting Call for New Book

The new book, Dolly Bureau (Vol 3):  All About Tiny Dolls [working title], is underway and this year I'm going to try something a little different with the book.  Instead of being strictly a pattern book, this year the book will highlight all kinds of tiny dolls (11.5cm/4.5in or shorter) with some pattern tutorials, crafts, etc.  In this volume, dolls, crafts, clothing, accessories, etc, will also come from other people, not just MegannArt.

How great would it be to have some of your own dolls or handmade designs in a published book?!  Dolly Bureau books are gaining popularity and would help people notice your work. See below for more information about contributing to the book.

Contributions would include temporary use of the following: 

  • All dolls 11.5cm or shorter (e.g. Ruby Red Galleria Honee B, Mattel Kelly, Fairyland PukiPuki and RealPuki, Peak's Woods Monthly Fairy, LillyCat Colline, Wilde Amelia Thimble, Lati White SP, Felix Brownie, Angelregion Gienie Lilica, Doll Leaves Cherry and Milk, Dollzone Yu with B10-001 body and Teng with B10-001 body, HZ Doll tiny dolls like Tian Tian Roro, IslandDoll Leshy, Polly Pocket, Azone Picco Neemo, Mame Momoko, Fidelia Fireflys, vintage dolls, etc).  The list of dolls is endless.
  • Handmade clothing, accessories, wigs, and props that would be appropriate for dolls of about this size.  Items must be made by the contributor.

MegannArt will photograph your items and send them back to you in a timely manner.  Some photos are being considered to include in the book, under certain guidelines.  The deadline for accepted items is mid April 2015.  To those who contribute, credit will be provided in the book.  MegannArt also provides a contract for contributors to guarantee return, credit, and protection of your property.

Contact me for more info!